About TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood CA

TCL Chinese Theatre

TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood is one of the most captivating theater Los Angeles. Founded on May 18, 1927, the theatre has a capacity of 1152 people. It is an iconic movie theatre that hosts movie premieres. TCL has a good atmosphere that offers an amazing and memorable cinematic experience. The theatre is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm, giving you an opportunity to tour the theatre with a VIP ticket, which you can buy online. The following is a quick look at some of the things that you will enjoy at the TCL Chinese Theatre.


The theatre is known for hosting some of the most thrilling movie premieres, festivals, panels and red carpets. Hundreds of people come to this theater to experience the greatest view from the best IMAX screens and laser projectors, which have a bright display and incredible sounds. These shows make the theatre a popular must-visit destination, especially for movie lovers.

VIP Tours:

The TCL Chinese Theatre offers you an opportunity to tour the heatre and learn the history of this amazing cinema place inside and out. The tours aim at helping you know the interesting stories and facts from its beginning to where it is today. You will learn a lot about Hollywood premieres, movies stars behind some of the captivating films and the imprint ceremonies for your favorite celebrities in the world. These tours are taken every day from 10 am to 6 pm at a very affordable rate of $13.50 for adults, $6.50 for kids and $ 11.50 for senior children.

IMAX Theater:

Being one of the latest improvements of the TCL Chinese Theatre , the IMAX Theatre is well equipped with all the necessary facilities to offer the Hollywood cinema experience. This Theatre is the first and the only theater with IMAX in the whole of Hollywood, making it the most popular in the world.

The TCL Chinese Theatre is a famous for hosting various activities that attract many people, including some of the world’s famous stars. It is a beautiful place to be for movie lover and as well for family vacations. You shouldn’t be worried about accommodation when visiting this Theatre because it is located near The Inn at 657, which is one the best providers of bed and breakfast in Los Angeles. The inn is a beautiful hotel, and it offers quality accommodation services at fair prices. The next time you come to the Theatre , make The Inn At 657 your accommodation partner and you will truly enjoy your stay.

TCL Chinese Theatre

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