About Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is on of the greatest sports stadiums in the world. It is located in the Exposition Park neighborhood of L.A, and it is jointly owned by the State of California and LA County. It is the current home of the the Los Angeles Rams and University of Southern California Trojans football team and the first stadium to have hosted the Summer Olympics which took place in 1932. It hosted the Summer Olympics again in 1984, and it is expected to host the 2024 summer Olympics. It was completed in 1923, and since then, many historical events have taken place, making the Coliseum one of the famous stadiums in the world.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Sports Arena

The Coliseum sports arena was opened in July 1959. It is spacious enough to hold more than 15,000 people. Over the years, the arena has hosted different events, making the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum a haven for all kinds of entertainment. The events include; Mainstream and Hispanic concerts, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Madonna among many other international artists who have held their concerts in this arena. Also, significant religious events, film shooting, musical performance events, and cultural activities take place in the Memorial Coliseum.

Coliseum Historic Tours

The Los Angeles Coliseum Memorial Coliseum  has been through a process that has led to its growth, holding the games of some the world biggest teams. With all that in its history, they found it necessary to take people on a tour aimed at giving the public the behind the scenes look at “The Grand Old Lady.” The tour shares some of the interesting and informative stories of the Coliseum from its inception.

Football Games

Most of the biggest games take place in this arena, including the international games.  The participants of the games and supporters come here in large numbers to support their teams. Among those who use Memorial Coliseum  are Los Angeles Rams who are using it until their stadium is completed in a few years. Most home games take place here attracting many people to this stadium.

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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum