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There are lots of attractions and points of interest for you to visit while you’re in the city of LA. The sprawling city of Los Angeles is located in southern California and is a multicultural haven for artists, the wealthy, actors, merchants, and everyone in between. The city is home to many places to visit and stay, including Disneyland, the Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, restaurants, hotels, shops, stores, and so much more.

bed-and-breakfast-near-the-los-angeles-convention-centerIn downtown LA, there are places to go and visit on every corner. In particular, the Los Angeles Convention Center. Many of the city and state’s major conventions and gathering are held at the center annually. People from all over the country and the world travel to participate in these conventions each year. Some of the most notable conventions are the Los Angeles Auto Show and Anime Expo. Even some parts of movies and TV shows have been shot in and around the convention center including Rush Hour and Starship Troopers.

The Los Angeles Convention Center is home to many expansive exhibit halls called the South hall, Kanita Hall, West Hall, and the Neil Petree Hall. The building has a total of 720,000 sq ft of exhibition space and 147,000 sq ft of meeting space. Also, the center has a 299 seat theater, a concourse, 3 food courts, and on-site parking for 5600 vehicles.

The Los Angeles Convention center is conveniently located in downtown LA, surrounded by all kinds of amenities. To get to the convention center, you can take any of the major freeways in the city by car, or utilize transit services. You can use google maps to easily direct yourself to the convention center. Also, the convention center is built to accommodate those with disabilities under the ADA act, complete with designated parking, automatic entry and exit doors, elevators, ADA compliant drinking fountains, signage, and restrooms throughout the facility. Also, a
wheelchair lift is located in the foyer. There are also convenient, comfortable, and private locations for nursing or lactating mothers with newborns and young children.

The Los Angeles Conference center is located near the B&B known as the Inn At 657. Staying at the Inn provides easy access to the convention center and you have a comfortable place to return to at the end of the day. The Bed and Breakfast is an excellent place to stay while you explore in downtown LA.

Los Angeles convention center near the inn at 657

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