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Natural History Museum In LA

The Natural History Museum Los Angeles is one of the most beautifully presented and captivating exposition parks located in Los Angeles. Founded in 1913, the NHM is the largest natural and historical museum in the Western United States. It gives the people who visit the museum a unique chance to explore the natural and cultural aspect of Los Angeles. The museum is opened everyday from 9:30 to 5 pm with free museum days on the first Tuesday of every month except July and August, and it is free every Tuesday in September. Visiting this museum will give the opportunity to enjoy many activities. Some of the things that you will find interesting include;

Exhibits At The Natural History Museum

There are various exhibits in this beautiful museum that entice visitors to keep visiting the museum over and over again. You will fall in love with the set of special exhibits that includes; butterfly pavilion, dino lab, spider pavilion among others. Also, you will see the beautiful scenery of permanent exhibits like the dinosaur, African mammals, birds, dinosaurs, and ancient Latin American Art. You will see the exhibitions of Diorama artists who include Frank Mackenzie, Charles Abel and others who will entertain you to the fullest.

Performing Arts

You will be able to watch the dinosaur come to live and enjoy dinosaur encounters. You won’t be charged anything extra as long as you have the museum admission ticket. Visit the museum and get to enjoy these unique encounters.


With the many workshops in the museum, you will learn many things that are helpful in life. The expeditions will give you an experience that you never forget. Gardening will allow you to find out more about farming and know more about fermentation in the nature workshop.


Visiting the Natural History Museum will give you a lifetime opportunity to attend some of Los Angeles biggest festivals. You will enjoy great bug fair festivals, the informative festival of books, the ever-exciting dinosaur festivals, and Los Angeles urban nature festivals.

The Citizen Science

The Natural History Museum performs studies of urban habitats and the areas around to make people aware of the local wildlife and to involve the local communities in the research. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about LA wildlife.

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Natural History Museum

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