About The Los Angeles Convention Center

Los Angeles Convention Center Information

There are lots of attractions and points of interest for you to visit while you’re in the city of LA. The sprawling city of Los Angeles is located in southern California and is a multicultural haven for artists, the wealthy, actors, merchants, and everyone in between. The city is home to many places to visit and stay, including Disneyland, the Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, restaurants, hotels, shops, stores, and so much more.

bed-and-breakfast-near-the-los-angeles-convention-centerIn downtown LA, there are places to go and visit on every corner. In particular, the Los Angeles Convention Center. Many of the city and state’s major conventions and gathering are held at the center annually. People from all over the country and the world travel to participate in these conventions each year. Some of the most notable conventions are the Los Angeles Auto Show and Anime Expo. Even some parts of movies and TV shows have been shot in and around the convention center including Rush Hour and Starship Troopers.

The Los Angeles Convention Center is home to many expansive exhibit halls called the South hall, Kanita Hall, West Hall, and the Neil Petree Hall. The building has a total of 720,000 sq ft of exhibition space and 147,000 sq ft of meeting space. Also, the center has a 299 seat theater, a concourse, 3 food courts, and on-site parking for 5600 vehicles.

The Los Angeles Convention center is conveniently located in downtown LA, surrounded by all kinds of amenities. To get to the convention center, you can take any of the major freeways in the city by car, or utilize transit services. You can use google maps to easily direct yourself to the convention center. Also, the convention center is built to accommodate those with disabilities under the ADA act, complete with designated parking, automatic entry and exit doors, elevators, ADA compliant drinking fountains, signage, and restrooms throughout the facility. Also, a
wheelchair lift is located in the foyer. There are also convenient, comfortable, and private locations for nursing or lactating mothers with newborns and young children.

The Los Angeles Conference center is located near the B&B known as the Inn At 657. Staying at the Inn provides easy access to the convention center and you have a comfortable place to return to at the end of the day. The Bed and Breakfast is an excellent place to stay while you explore in downtown LA.

Los Angeles convention center near the inn at 657

The Los Angeles Convention Center



About The Shrine Auditorium In Los Angeles

Shrine Auditorium

Every country is endowed with many breathtaking historic and cultural locations and monuments that define it and make it stand out from the others. Shrine Auditorium is one such captivating landmark in Los Angeles which has greatly contributed to its growth. Established over many centuries ago, this landmark has continuously flourished by playing as an entertainment function in Los Angeles since it is considered as one of the biggest theaters.

the-inn-at-657_shrine_auditorium_655_w-_jefferson_blvd-_university_park_6The Shrine Auditorium is a perfect tourist destination for individuals wishing to have a good time. This is because the auditorium is distinguished for hosting big events such as dances and film performances since it has enough space to accommodate a large crowd of people. Apart from space, this tourist attraction has a unique interior design which is very attractive and classic to a great extent. Further, legendary events such as the Grammy, the BET and the Emmy awards have taken place here making it a landmark worth visiting.

In order to enjoy all the events that happen at Shrine Auditorium, individuals ought to acquire tickets by purchasing them through the internet, getting them prior to the events in person or simply using their phones.

The Shrine Auditorium also presents an opportunity for individuals to gather in-depth knowledge about it by taking a tour to explore what it has to offer. Tourists have the opportunity to interact face to face with customer care personnel who shed more light on the auditorium.

It is even more exciting for potential tourists to know that the Shrine Auditorium has a close proximity to The Inn At 657. Thus, both local and international tourists are definitely guaranteed of a comfortable place to relax, refresh themselves and enjoy a hearty breakfast before they
tour the Shrine Auditorium. The rooms in this Inn are complemented by antique furniture giving them an elegant touch. If one is planning on traveling with many family members, there is no need to worry about where to stay. The Inn At 657 has enough rooms to accommodate everyone. What is even more appealing about The Inn At 657 is the fact that it is located at the core of Los Angeles which makes it easy for individuals to access.

For those individual visiting The Shrine Auditorium for the first and do not exactly know how to get there, it is easily reachable when one uses the Metro Expo Line which is a few meters away from USC station. This information is available on Google which makes it less tedious to locate it.

Los Angeles Attractions shrine auditorium near the inn at 657

Shrine Auditorium


Los Angeles Attractions Things To Do In L.A.

Downtown Los Angeles Attractions

If you are visiting Los Angeles, why not try a bed and breakfast (B&B) instead of a hotel. There actually is one in the city near several Los Angeles attractions. It is called The Inn At 657. It is located between the Convention Center and the LA Live at Staples Center. There are museums nearby, and it is near the University of Southern California. The Inn is also, conveniently, situated near the heart of Los Angeles’ transport system.

Los Angeles Attractions Things to do near the inn at 657The Los Angeles Natural History Museum is located nearby. They have a dinosaur exhibit there right now. There are plenty of tourist attractions nearby.

The California Science Center is also nearby. They provide educational exhibits, programs, and activities for people of all ages. They try to make science-learning fun for everyone. They have professional programs. The 400,000 square foot museum has been in operation since 1998. There are over 400 species of plants and animals to be seen. There are certain rooms that have activities for children who are seven years and younger.

Downtown Los Angeles is also home to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.

If you are a music fan, make sure to check out the Grammy Museum. They host concerts as well as various exhibits about the musical icons of years past.

You can also go on a free tour of LA. The people at Free LA Tour love their jobs, and they are proud to show you their city. They are part of the
movement of free tours that started in 2004. Over 200 cities around the world, have free tours for visitors.

Just a few miles away, you can find the Los Angeles Grand Central Market. It opened in 1917, and has been in continuous operation ever since. There are tons of vendors there for either prepared food or fresh food for you to take home
and cook.

The beautiful Los Angeles library is also nearby. In addition to buying books, you can also donate to the book store in the library. There is also a large, beautiful book store nearby as well. It is called The Last Bookstore. They can buy, sell, and trade books. They have over 250,000 new and used books on four floors. It is the perfect attraction for the bookworm in your life. This is the type of bookstore that you could get lost in.

Los Angeles Attractions

Los Angeles Attractions

About The Staples Center Los Angeles

Staples Center Overview

The Staples Center is a world-class game and entertainment venue. Development of Staples Center kicked things off on 26th March, 1998, and the field opened on 17th October, 1999. Staples Center is base to four expert game establishments: the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings , the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks and Los Angeles Clippers .

Since its presentation on 16TH October 1999, Staples Center has changed the view of downtown Los Angeles and has totally changed the nearby South Park neighborhood. Home to four expert games groups the 20,000-seat field has 240 occasions and more than 4 million guests yearly.

Staples Center is situated at the remarkable L.A. LIVE perplexing in the Downtown L.A of Los Angeles. It is close to The Inn At 657, University of Southern California , City Hall, and Nokia Theater.

Since its inaugural, Staples Center has been the place of Lakers and Sparks titles, Kings Stanley Cup, and a large number of essential shows and unique occasions.

Staples Center

Staples Center Near The Inn At 657It is one of the most pleasant fields in the country. In the initial two years of presence, It was named the Pollstar-CIC Stadium of the Year. There are 160 extravagance suites, 23 eateries, and more than 1,200 TV screens all through the field. All things considered, It also has a cutting edge outline with neon blue, and red illuminations. There are likewise monuments of two of the greatest hockey and basket ball symbols in Los Angeles sporting history; Wayne Gretzky and Magic Johnson.

Staples Center keeps on separating itself as the home of significant, prominent occasions of national and global refinement comprising the 2002 NHL All-Star Game , the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, 2000 Democratic National Convention, 2002 U.S. Figure Roller-skating Championships, 2009 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, ten GRAMMY Award appears, eight X Games rivalries, 3 WTA Tour Championships, 9 Pac 10 Men’s Basketball Championship competitions and the Michael Jackson Public Memorial Service on 7th July, 2009.

In 2011, Staples Center had the NBA All-Star diversion when the alliances mid-season exemplary came back to Los Angeles.  Through the exercises of Staples Center Foundation, the general populations of Los Angeles have likewise been touched in an unexpected way. Committed to enhancing the personal satisfaction for the young in the more prominent Los Angeles zone through awards, instructive and recreational software , the Foundation has set an extraordinary accentuation on adding to low wage neighborhoods encompassing the field.

Amid the breaks in the game, the Lakers in Staples center direct an assortment of exercises which include the fans. We don’t take reservations to take an interest in any of these exercises, rather, our amusement day staff discovers fans on the concourse upon their arrival and check whether they want to take part or have an interest. Find out more at StaplesCenter.com

Staples Center

Staples Center Los Angeles

About Exposition Park Los Angeles

Exposition Park Los Angeles

You may not have heard about Exposition Park. It is an extremely popular attraction site that is situated in southern Los Angeles, California. It’s under the management of California Natural-Resources Agency.

The park borders Exposition Boulevard and South Figueroa Street on the northern and eastern sides respectively. It also borders Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard on the southern side and Menlo Avenue on the western side. Exposition Park is near The Inn at 657.

Historical Background of Exposition Park

From the year 1872 to 1910, the site was used as a fairground for agricultural activities. That is why it was originally known as Agricultural Park.

In 1880, John Downey, John Edward and Ozro Childs persuaded California State to buy 160 acres in LA to promote agricultural activities in the Southland. During that time, farmers used the grounds as a market, whereas horses and dogs competed on racetracks.

In 1909, Horace Dobbins, former Pasadena Mayor, led other civic-minded people in reforming Exposition Park by getting rid of the racetrack. They also prohibited the conduction of certain activities. As a result, the place was transformed in a beautiful park consisting of museums and attractive gardens.

The Inn at 657, one of the leading facilities in LA, is located near the park.

What attracts visitors to Exposition Park?

The following are what attracts visitors from far and wide to the park;

1. John C.A Swim Stadium.

2. Science Center School & Amgem Science Center (formerly known as California’s National Guard Armory).

3. LA Memorial Coliseum.

4. Expo Center (including the LA84 Foundation).

5. LA Memorial Sports Arena.

6. Foot and hand-prints made using concrete that were signed by Ed Begley Junior, Ben Casey as well as other famous actors.

7. Los Angeles County’s National History Museum.

8. California African-American Museum.

9. California Science Center (especially the IMAX Theatre).

10. Rose Garden.

The aforementioned cultural facilities are managed by Los Angeles County as well as the state.

Public transportation to and from Exposition Park

There’s a light railway line along the park’s northern edge that facilitates transport to and from the site. It’s also served by the Metro-Silver Line bus rapid-transit at the USC Station/ 37th Street, on the famous Harbor Transit-way.


During your visit, consider staying at The Inn at 657. It’s strategically located near Exposition Park and is renowned for delicious food, exceptional customer service and excellent facilities.

Exposition Park Near the Inn At 657 Los Angeles