The Griffith Observatory

About The Griffith Observatory Los Angles

About The Griffith Observatory Attraction In LA

The Griffith Observatory is one of the most iconic attractions and landmarks in Los Angeles. It is nestled on the slopes of Mt. Hollywood with LA laid just below it. It is named after Colonel Griffith, who wholeheartedly donated money to set the observatory up. The observatory’s exhibits, telescopes and grounds are freely available to the general public. It is opened every day, and there are about 8-10 shows in a day. Some of the things that you will enjoy in the observatory include;

Exhibits At The Griffith Observatory

There are dozens of exhibits outside and inside the building that make visitors observers. The original two exhibit galleries of The Griffith Observatory are joined by a modern Gunther Depths of Space and new exhibits in the terraces and lawn. The exhibits include the Tesla Coil, fascinating meteorites or pieces of the sky and the Big Picture, which is the biggest astronomical image worldwide.

Star Parties And Public Telescopes 

The public telescopes are issued freely every evening at the observatory when the skies are clear. The large Zeiss telescope is available for use every evening from 7-10 pm. It is located on the roof, and you may use it to check for clouds, especially when the nights aren’t very clear. The observatory hosts a “Star Party” once a month for visitors. You can attend the party together with your family and get a chance to use the free telescopes. It is incredibly fun when you do it with your family, particularly if you have young kids. Your children will become amateur astronomers for once, an exciting experience that they will never forget.

Mt. Hollywood Hiking

It is a great hiking trail located outside the building, right in front of the parking space. The trail winds up Mt. Hollywood giving you more amazing views as you move up. When walking to the trail, you will see the great tree of Beatle George Harrison, which was planted in honor of the rocker. It was in line with his contributions as a gardener, musician and humanitarian.

It is clear that The Griffith Observatory acts as an amazing astronomy exhibit as well as a wonderful scenic viewpoint. It is a perfect destination for you and your family as it will help you have a nice time and build mementos that you will never forget. The only issue that may complicate things during your visit is accommodation, especially when visiting the observatory with your family. All the same, this shouldn’t bother you because The Inn At 657 has exceptional Bed and Breakfast services for you and your family. The inn has an able team, and their services can be personalized to meet all your accommodation needs. Make them your accommodation partner during your visit, and your entire family will feel at home during your vacation.

The Griffith Observatory

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