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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Museum

Founded in 1969, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Museum is a profit-making college that is located strategically in the heart of So. California. The Fashion Institute offers courses in fashion entertainment, interior design beauty, and graphic designs. It is an attraction to the community around the area and to the tourists who come to explore the city. If you are new in the area, you will find many exciting and informative activities in the institute, especially if you have a distinctive interest in the fashion and design industry. It holds a collection of over 10,000 textiles, accessories and costumes that date back to the 18th Century. Theater and film costumes are included in their collections. Also, costumes and collections nominated for the Academy Award best sampling and films are featured annually.


Every year, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum hold exhibitions to acknowledge the achievements in the costume design. Such exhibitions will help you know the best designers, the latest costumes among many other things. If you are into fashion and design, then these exhibitions are a must as you will learn a lot about the existing and upcoming designs. Among the exhibitions that FIDMM has held, include;

  • Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition: It is an exhibition that explores all aspects of fashion and design. Attending this exhibition will allow you to have an opportunity to know more about the latest fashion.
  •  Special Costumer Exhibition: During this exhibition, the best costume designers are nominated, celebrated, and crowned with various awards. It is in this exhibition that you will get to know what is trending in special costumes for actors and other occasions.
  • The Art of Television Costume Design: This exhibition was recently held by FIDMM to celebrate outstanding T.V Costuming from 2015-2016 in many genres.
  • Textiles Exhibition: FIDMM holds this exhibition to describe the popularity of the Downtown LA as a linen producer.

Spectacular Collections

Fashion Institute Design & Merchandising Museum is well known for its remarkable collections that will attract you from a distance. You will love their elegant look and quality. Some of FIDMM collections include;

  • Special Collection: It archives the materials, which include books, magazines, patterns and fashion illustrations
  • Museum Collections: Deals in garments and accessories from the 18th Century to present days.
  • Study Collection: It offers the resource for education and inspiration that includes garments and accessories for women, men and children back from the 18th Century.
  • Rudi Gernreich Archive: It offers jewelry, accessories, garment and housewares, and press materials that date from the year 1950- 1985.
  • Textile Collection: Offers panels, swatches, and ribbons including an extensive collection of Wiener Werkstatte samples dating back to the 19th Century.

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Fashion Institute

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