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About Exposition Park Los Angeles

Exposition Park Los Angeles

You may not have heard about Exposition Park. It is an extremely popular attraction site that is situated in southern Los Angeles, California. It’s under the management of California Natural-Resources Agency.

The park borders Exposition Boulevard and South Figueroa Street on the northern and eastern sides respectively. It also borders Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard on the southern side and Menlo Avenue on the western side. Exposition Park is near The Inn at 657.

Historical Background of Exposition Park

From the year 1872 to 1910, the site was used as a fairground for agricultural activities. That is why it was originally known as Agricultural Park.

In 1880, John Downey, John Edward and Ozro Childs persuaded California State to buy 160 acres in LA to promote agricultural activities in the Southland. During that time, farmers used the grounds as a market, whereas horses and dogs competed on racetracks.

In 1909, Horace Dobbins, former Pasadena Mayor, led other civic-minded people in reforming Exposition Park by getting rid of the racetrack. They also prohibited the conduction of certain activities. As a result, the place was transformed in a beautiful park consisting of museums and attractive gardens.

The Inn at 657, one of the leading facilities in LA, is located near the park.

What attracts visitors to Exposition Park?

The following are what attracts visitors from far and wide to the park;

1. John C.A Swim Stadium.

2. Science Center School & Amgem Science Center (formerly known as California’s National Guard Armory).

3. LA Memorial Coliseum.

4. Expo Center (including the LA84 Foundation).

5. LA Memorial Sports Arena.

6. Foot and hand-prints made using concrete that were signed by Ed Begley Junior, Ben Casey as well as other famous actors.

7. Los Angeles County’s National History Museum.

8. California African-American Museum.

9. California Science Center (especially the IMAX Theatre).

10. Rose Garden.

The aforementioned cultural facilities are managed by Los Angeles County as well as the state.

Public transportation to and from Exposition Park

There’s a light railway line along the park’s northern edge that facilitates transport to and from the site. It’s also served by the Metro-Silver Line bus rapid-transit at the USC Station/ 37th Street, on the famous Harbor Transit-way.


During your visit, consider staying at The Inn at 657. It’s strategically located near Exposition Park and is renowned for delicious food, exceptional customer service and excellent facilities.

Exposition Park Near the Inn At 657 Los Angeles

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