About The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles

Founded in 1960, the Hollywood Walk of Fame gives you an opportunity to explore and learn more about your favorite Hollywood stars, their achievements. As you take a walk to do your shopping or to see around, you will enjoy seeing the stars. These stars bear the names of the famous artists, actors, and musician, embedded in the sidewalks of various blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, California. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce manages this great walk, while the self-financing Hollywood Historic Trust is in charge of operating it. The Hollywood walk of fame is so famous across the world that it has been attracting approximately 10 million visitors each year. It is open daily between 9am-5pm and it is free to the public.

Multiple Stars

The Walk of Fame gives an opportunity to see multiple stars for your favorite actors, put together for their achievements. If you are lucky, you will find a multiple of your favorite stars in the same place. This will give you a fantastic feeling as you enjoy taking the pictures in multiples. Your Los Angeles visit won’t be complete if you fail to get the opportunity of seeing these many stars.

Stars With The Same Name

It is an awesome feeling taking a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You will get an opportunity to see the stars bearing the same name. These stars have identical names, but in the real sense, they represent different people. The walk will be very useful as you will be able to differentiate the stars that have the same name but different personalities. Some of these stars with the same name belong to families whose achievements have been done collectively. It is important to identify the stars with the names of the person behind them to avoid confusing the star for the wrong people.

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Hollywood Walk Of Fame

About TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood CA

TCL Chinese Theatre

TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood is one of the most captivating theater Los Angeles. Founded on May 18, 1927, the theatre has a capacity of 1152 people. It is an iconic movie theatre that hosts movie premieres. TCL has a good atmosphere that offers an amazing and memorable cinematic experience. The theatre is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm, giving you an opportunity to tour the theatre with a VIP ticket, which you can buy online. The following is a quick look at some of the things that you will enjoy at the TCL Chinese Theatre.


The theatre is known for hosting some of the most thrilling movie premieres, festivals, panels and red carpets. Hundreds of people come to this theater to experience the greatest view from the best IMAX screens and laser projectors, which have a bright display and incredible sounds. These shows make the theatre a popular must-visit destination, especially for movie lovers.

VIP Tours:

The TCL Chinese Theatre offers you an opportunity to tour the heatre and learn the history of this amazing cinema place inside and out. The tours aim at helping you know the interesting stories and facts from its beginning to where it is today. You will learn a lot about Hollywood premieres, movies stars behind some of the captivating films and the imprint ceremonies for your favorite celebrities in the world. These tours are taken every day from 10 am to 6 pm at a very affordable rate of $13.50 for adults, $6.50 for kids and $ 11.50 for senior children.

IMAX Theater:

Being one of the latest improvements of the TCL Chinese Theatre , the IMAX Theatre is well equipped with all the necessary facilities to offer the Hollywood cinema experience. This Theatre is the first and the only theater with IMAX in the whole of Hollywood, making it the most popular in the world.

The TCL Chinese Theatre is a famous for hosting various activities that attract many people, including some of the world’s famous stars. It is a beautiful place to be for movie lover and as well for family vacations. You shouldn’t be worried about accommodation when visiting this Theatre because it is located near The Inn at 657, which is one the best providers of bed and breakfast in Los Angeles. The inn is a beautiful hotel, and it offers quality accommodation services at fair prices. The next time you come to the Theatre , make The Inn At 657 your accommodation partner and you will truly enjoy your stay.

TCL Chinese Theatre

About Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is on of the greatest sports stadiums in the world. It is located in the Exposition Park neighborhood of L.A, and it is jointly owned by the State of California and LA County. It is the current home of the the Los Angeles Rams and University of Southern California Trojans football team and the first stadium to have hosted the Summer Olympics which took place in 1932. It hosted the Summer Olympics again in 1984, and it is expected to host the 2024 summer Olympics. It was completed in 1923, and since then, many historical events have taken place, making the Coliseum one of the famous stadiums in the world.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Sports Arena

The Coliseum sports arena was opened in July 1959. It is spacious enough to hold more than 15,000 people. Over the years, the arena has hosted different events, making the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum a haven for all kinds of entertainment. The events include; Mainstream and Hispanic concerts, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Madonna among many other international artists who have held their concerts in this arena. Also, significant religious events, film shooting, musical performance events, and cultural activities take place in the Memorial Coliseum.

Coliseum Historic Tours

The Los Angeles Coliseum Memorial Coliseum  has been through a process that has led to its growth, holding the games of some the world biggest teams. With all that in its history, they found it necessary to take people on a tour aimed at giving the public the behind the scenes look at “The Grand Old Lady.” The tour shares some of the interesting and informative stories of the Coliseum from its inception.

Football Games

Most of the biggest games take place in this arena, including the international games.  The participants of the games and supporters come here in large numbers to support their teams. Among those who use Memorial Coliseum  are Los Angeles Rams who are using it until their stadium is completed in a few years. Most home games take place here attracting many people to this stadium.

The Los Angeles Memorial  Coliseum is a big stadium that hosts several activities that attract huge crowds. For this reason, many people who come to the events find it hard to locate a good place that they can find accommodations. All the same, bed and breakfast shouldn’t be an issue during the visit because The Inn At 657 is located near the stadium. We will provide accommodations, which you will love.  Our services are outstanding and pocket-friendly. Next time you visit the stadium, make The Inn At 657 your destination for a stress-free stay.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

About The Griffith Observatory Los Angles

About The Griffith Observatory Attraction In LA

The Griffith Observatory is one of the most iconic attractions and landmarks in Los Angeles. It is nestled on the slopes of Mt. Hollywood with LA laid just below it. It is named after Colonel Griffith, who wholeheartedly donated money to set the observatory up. The observatory’s exhibits, telescopes and grounds are freely available to the general public. It is opened every day, and there are about 8-10 shows in a day. Some of the things that you will enjoy in the observatory include;

Exhibits At The Griffith Observatory

There are dozens of exhibits outside and inside the building that make visitors observers. The original two exhibit galleries of The Griffith Observatory are joined by a modern Gunther Depths of Space and new exhibits in the terraces and lawn. The exhibits include the Tesla Coil, fascinating meteorites or pieces of the sky and the Big Picture, which is the biggest astronomical image worldwide.

Star Parties And Public Telescopes 

The public telescopes are issued freely every evening at the observatory when the skies are clear. The large Zeiss telescope is available for use every evening from 7-10 pm. It is located on the roof, and you may use it to check for clouds, especially when the nights aren’t very clear. The observatory hosts a “Star Party” once a month for visitors. You can attend the party together with your family and get a chance to use the free telescopes. It is incredibly fun when you do it with your family, particularly if you have young kids. Your children will become amateur astronomers for once, an exciting experience that they will never forget.

Mt. Hollywood Hiking

It is a great hiking trail located outside the building, right in front of the parking space. The trail winds up Mt. Hollywood giving you more amazing views as you move up. When walking to the trail, you will see the great tree of Beatle George Harrison, which was planted in honor of the rocker. It was in line with his contributions as a gardener, musician and humanitarian.

It is clear that The Griffith Observatory acts as an amazing astronomy exhibit as well as a wonderful scenic viewpoint. It is a perfect destination for you and your family as it will help you have a nice time and build mementos that you will never forget. The only issue that may complicate things during your visit is accommodation, especially when visiting the observatory with your family. All the same, this shouldn’t bother you because The Inn At 657 has exceptional Bed and Breakfast services for you and your family. The inn has an able team, and their services can be personalized to meet all your accommodation needs. Make them your accommodation partner during your visit, and your entire family will feel at home during your vacation.

The Griffith Observatory

About The Natural History Museum Los Angeles

Natural History Museum In LA

The Natural History Museum Los Angeles is one of the most beautifully presented and captivating exposition parks located in Los Angeles. Founded in 1913, the NHM is the largest natural and historical museum in the Western United States. It gives the people who visit the museum a unique chance to explore the natural and cultural aspect of Los Angeles. The museum is opened everyday from 9:30 to 5 pm with free museum days on the first Tuesday of every month except July and August, and it is free every Tuesday in September. Visiting this museum will give the opportunity to enjoy many activities. Some of the things that you will find interesting include;

Exhibits At The Natural History Museum

There are various exhibits in this beautiful museum that entice visitors to keep visiting the museum over and over again. You will fall in love with the set of special exhibits that includes; butterfly pavilion, dino lab, spider pavilion among others. Also, you will see the beautiful scenery of permanent exhibits like the dinosaur, African mammals, birds, dinosaurs, and ancient Latin American Art. You will see the exhibitions of Diorama artists who include Frank Mackenzie, Charles Abel and others who will entertain you to the fullest.

Performing Arts

You will be able to watch the dinosaur come to live and enjoy dinosaur encounters. You won’t be charged anything extra as long as you have the museum admission ticket. Visit the museum and get to enjoy these unique encounters.


With the many workshops in the museum, you will learn many things that are helpful in life. The expeditions will give you an experience that you never forget. Gardening will allow you to find out more about farming and know more about fermentation in the nature workshop.


Visiting the Natural History Museum will give you a lifetime opportunity to attend some of Los Angeles biggest festivals. You will enjoy great bug fair festivals, the informative festival of books, the ever-exciting dinosaur festivals, and Los Angeles urban nature festivals.

The Citizen Science

The Natural History Museum performs studies of urban habitats and the areas around to make people aware of the local wildlife and to involve the local communities in the research. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about LA wildlife.

The Natural History Museum Los Angeles is an excellent place to visit for individuals, families, and groups. The Inn At 657 has all your bed and breakfast needs. The inn is located near the museum, and it shouldn’t be an issue traveling from the Inn to the museum. Make a point of booking our services the next time you are visiting the museum. You will surely get a perfect home away from home thanks to our exceptional service, friendly staff and convenient location to the museum.

Natural History Museum